ClusterTech has a strong obligation towards social responsibility. We actively participate in activities that contribute to the community, including bone marrow registration, blood donation, recycling, and book donations. We are a strong advocate of family-friendly employment, supporting our staff with policies such as a five-day work week, flexitime, insurance coverage for spouses and children, training sponsorships for employees and scholarships for their children.

Employee Retirement Protection

Good MPF Employer Award 2022-23

ClusterTech was awarded "Good MPF Employer Award" and "e-Contribution Award" by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) to recognise its contribution to implementing the MPF scheme and ensuring its employees' retirement benefit.


Good MPF Employer Award 2019-20

ClusterTech was awarded "Good MPF Employer Award", "e-Contribution Award" and "MPF Support Award" by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) to recognise its contribution to implementing MPF scheme and ensuring its employees' retirement benefit.

Employee Care

"Family-Friendly Employer" Award 2017/18

ClusterTech was commended as a Family-Friendly Employer. The award scheme, co-organised by the Home Affairs Bureau and the Family Council, recognises employers who demonstrate a family-friendly spirit and encourage them to implement policies and practices to raise employers' awareness of the importance of family core values. ClusterTech supports its staff with policies such as a five-day work week, flexitime, insurance coverage for their spouse and children, training sponsorship for employees and scholarships for their children.

Environment Protection

World Vision – Used Book Recycling Campaign

Each year, we hold a mini book fair within our office. Colleagues are encouraged to donate their used books and take home donations from others. The remaining books are sent to the “World Vision – Used Book Recycling Campaign” where books are sold at a public book fair. The proceeds are used for funding projects that create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty.

The Salvation Army Recycling Programme

ClusterTech regularly holds a “Reuse Marketplace” to promote the exchange of reusable items among colleagues. Colleagues are encouraged to donate surplus goods and take home what they think would be useful. The remaining items are donated to the Salvation Army Recycling Programme and sold in the Salvation Army Family Stores to raise funds for its community programmes.

Poverty Donations

World Vision Hong Kong – Skip-A-Meal

In April 2014 and 2017, ClusterTech participated in the World Vision Hong Kong “Skip-a-meal” programme. Colleagues donated their lunch money and endured hunger, as they listened to visiting speakers describe poverty in developing countries and how the organisation utilises funding to alleviate the situation. These events helped ClusterTech staff understand that addressing poverty requires not only building and construction, but community participation, capacity building and changes in values.


Disaster Relief

ClusterTech Primary School

After the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, ClusterTech supported the reconstruction of Fanjiachuan Township Primary School, Huan County, Gansu through “Sowers Action”. In April 2011, Dr. PH Ng, Business Director of ClusterTech, presided at the opening ceremony of the new schoolhouse. In addition to addressing the material needs of the school, ClusterTech also encouraged teachers to use the latest research in education to improve teaching quality, set up a library, improve nutrition and promote physical education.



Open Education Foundation

The Open Education Foundation (OEF) promotes education through the first free e-learning platform for school students and teachers in Hong Kong.


By digitalising primary and secondary school books, OEF offers a highly affordable alternative to printed materials, helping low-income families cope with the ever-increasing cost of textbooks. The project will also provide a platform for school teachers to manage and share valuable teaching resources.


ClusterTech CEO Dr Wai Mo Suen, on behalf of Sun Guodong China Education Fund (孫國楝中國教育基金), donated *a series of Chinese history textbooks to the OEF project. ClusterTech also offers public cloud resources for the e-learning platform.

*The history books were composed by Mr Sun Guodong and edited by Mr Ch'ien, both of whom were well known historians in the Greater China. The books were used widely among secondary schools in the 1970s. The digital version will be used as a free offering in the first phase of OEF.

Internships and Career Talks for University Students

ClusterTech is committed to nurturing talent in the technology field. We liaise with local universities to provide career talks or internship opportunities for faculty students. Events have been held in various departments including CUHK Mathematics, CUHK Earth System Science, and HKU Mathematics.

Fengqi.Asia App Development Competition

In collaboration with Sun Yat-Sen University, ClusterTech launched the Fengqi.Asia App Development Competition in Guangzhou, China in 2013. This contest allowed IT students to gain exposure to cloud computing technology through an advanced cloud computing platform.


In 2014, the second Competition was held in Wuhan, China with a wider scope. Organised by Wuhan University and sponsored by ClusterTech, six universities from Hong Kong and Mainland China participated, including Wuhan University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Fudan University. The contestants submitted a wide range of applications, including mobile games, web games, WeChat platform applications, application software, and websites.