Why choose ClusterTech Traffic Organiser (CTO)?

Smart traffic management system for better city planning

Population growth and urbanisation are putting pressure on transportation systems in cities across the world, creating an increasing need for intelligent transportation management systems.

CTO applies advanced data mining and high performance computing technology to achieve the goals of better traffic condition management, resource optimisation and congestion minimisation.


Accurate prediction.png

Accurate prediction of traffic conditions 

Facilitate path selection.png

Facilitate path selection and route management

Support statistics.png

Support statistics for traffic control, planning and cheduling 

Provide indicators facilities_02.png

Provide indicators for facilities or infrastructure improvement, management and maintenance


  • Abnormal traffic detection and alert
  • Real time monitoring of traffic flow
  • Detailed statistical analysis of route and waypoints
  • Sandbox tests for simulating hypothetical scenarios
  • Estimate traffic loading under custom-defined timeframes
  • Route or waypoints generation
  • Snapshots and playback function of simulation
  • Automatic vehicle classification


Transit System Optimiser

Using real time traffic data collection and analysis to alert drivers or passenger potential or existing road conditions in certain areas and suggest them to choose another route or transportation.

Case Study

Applied CTO for a Better Waterway Management System

A government department wanted to adopt real-time data collection and analysis to better manage and predict waterway traffic.

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