What is HPC?

Utilising Parallel Processing to Execute Programs in an Efficient and Reliable Way

HPC, High Performance Computing, solves problems by employing parallel processing. This is most commonly achieved from clusters of commodity computers interconnected together with a high bandwidth, low latency network. Management software optimises the distribution of computer resources and workloads.

What can HPC help you?

HPC Far Outperforms a Regular Server

With the help of HPC, institutions or companies with large-scale computing problems can execute application orders of magnitude faster than a general-purpose computer, enabling solutions to previously intractable problems.

High Efficiency and Capacity03.png
High Efficiency and Capacity

Reduces the time of solving most of the common but complex calculations and simulations from years to days or hours

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Satisfies time-sensitive projects by delivering faster results

High Extensibility02.png
High Extensibility

Easy to extend the processing power by adding more servers to the system

Why choose HPC Solutions and Services from ClusterTech?

Your Trustworthy Professional HPC Solution Provider in Mainland China and Hong Kong
Team of Experts

Has a team of highly qualified experts with Ph.D. or Master degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics

Rich Experience of Large-scale Infrastructure

Over the past decade, ClusterTech has built 192 clusters and utilised 4931 nodes.

Reliable and Trusted

Provides HPC solutions and long-term services to over hundreds of government sector, research institutions and financial service providers in last ten years

Fulfilling your Business Demands
  • Offers the most suitable solution with strong sense of goal-orientation
  • No need to maintain a high-qualified technical team in-house for one-off projects with high cost
Featured Products
  • ClusterTech Weather・AQ Technology Illustration
    ClusterTech Weather・AQ Technology Illustration

    (provided only in simplified Chinese)

    ClusterTech Weather・AQ Mobile App
    ClusterTech Weather・AQ Mobile App

    An accurate weather and air quality forecasting APP for China. Know exactly what you breathe in

    EIA PATH v2.1 (Air Quality Impact Assessment) Solutions Banner
    EIA PATH v2.1 Solutions

    Complete air quality impact assessment reports quickly and efficiently

    China Air Quality Forecast App

    China Air Quality Forecast is the first and most accurate air quality index (AQI) forecast mobile app for China.

    CHESS v5.2

    CHESS Hybrid Cloud Platform (CHESS v5.2) - High-performance cluster system software for integrating computing resources

    EaaS 高性能计算云平台(Simplified Chinese)

    EaaS 高性能计算云平台(Simplified Chinese)
    EaaS 高性能计算云平台(Simplified Chinese)

    (provided only in simplified Chinese)

    IBM Platform Computing
    IBM Platform Computing

    Consolidate and manage computing resources efficiently

  • CPE
    CPE v3

    ClusterTech Parallel Environment v3 (CPE v3) - Simplify the development of software applications for parallel clusters

  • Fujitsu Exabyte
    Fujitsu Exabyte File System

    High Performance File System for HPC Cluster

    Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre Software

    High Performance File System for Linux HPC Cluster


    ClusterTech Parallel File System (CPFS) - A high performance file system for Linux HPC clusters

  • HPC-Infrastructure
    HPC Infrastructure Service

    Customise computing clusters for your technical needs, from planning, design, implementation, to maintenance

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