What Social Listener can do for your business?

Listening to social data to uncover actionable insights

People like to share their experiences on social media. According to a survey by Statista, there are approximately 2 billion internet users using social networks*. With such massive uptake, lots of valuable business insights can be extracted from social data.

ClusterTech’s Social Listener uses data analytics and text mining technologies to assist enterprises to gather social data from various channels including Facebook, Twitter and local forums and analyse them to uncover meaningful trends and information. Enterprises can obtain actionable strategies from the reports and visualisations provided.

*statista-Social media - Statistics & Facts


  Get a Holistic View of Customer Profiles

By gathering and analysing social data from the target customers, enterprises can match their behaviour with internal sales records to generate a more holistic view of customer profiles and uncover their unfulfilled needs.

  Proactively Safeguard Corporate Branding

Public relations crises can arise when customers’ complaints on social networks are not addressed in a timely manner. With social listener, enterprises can detect and solve such issues in an expedient manner.

  Discover Valuable Insights

Social data reports allow enterprises to discover new insights, such as market trends, differentiating themselves from their competitors.


  • Sentiment analysis
  • Natural language processing analysis
  • Social data visualisation automation
  • Easy-to-read dashboard design
  • Crisis alert system
  • Regular monitor the most popular social media


Market Analysis of Products or Services

Marketers can use social listener to understand public sentiment regarding their products and services by gathering and analysing relevant social data. Analytic results enable marketing campaigns to be quantitatively evaluated.

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