Why choose ClusterTech Big Data Platform (CTBP)?

Optimise data management skills

The amount of data stored in internal systems of enterprises continues to increase at an exponential rate. This leads to the “Information Silo” problem in which traditional information management systems are unable to retrieve useful information from the data.

Enterprises can easily perform data mining and knowledge management using CTBP. Our platform interface is simple and easy-to-use, allowing users to be productive from the onset, without any training.


  • Use data to enhance decision making
  • Accurately collect operational and business data
  • Formulate financial statements to support financial budgeting and planning
  • Conduct multiple scenario analysis to understand critical data


  • Flexible display of parameters
  • Multi-dimensional data analysis
  • Smart data analysis engine
  • Data processing supported by Apache Spark
  • User-friendly interface and operation
  • Product and services life cycle generation
  • Provides various analytic modules, including: control panel, modules, nodes management and alarm system


Marketing Strategies Analysis

Use data warehousing technology in CTBP to conduct marketing strategy simulation. By measuring the results, marketers can quantify the impact of changes on sales revenue.

Business Operation Analysis

A multitude of objectives are used in business. CTBP accommodates different types of statistical surveys such as sales revenues, number of transactions per department, comparative analytics, profit-and-loss analysis, product risk analysis, etc.

Strategic Decision Support

CTBP supports strategic decision formulation including, enterprise, business and departmental strategy.

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