What is ClusterTech Online Platform for Emission Reduction (OPER)?

The ClusterTech Online Platform for Emission Reduction (OPER) is an online simulation platform with a core purpose of informing short-term and long-term regional air quality management strategies. Based on the technical guidance of the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment’s “Three lines and one list” policy framework, OPER integrates a regional weather model, chemical transport model, source apportionment model and a comprehensive algorithm which proposes quantified, actionable emission reduction plans. The platform assists users in determining the atmospheric environment capacity, evaluating the present condition against emission targets, and formulating appropriate control measures in the region so as to prioritize key control areas. OPER has revolutionized the traditional quantitative emission reduction method, providing an innovative approach towards regional air quality management.


Key features


Fully online platform with no installation required

  • Save time and cost of purchasing computational hardware and software system installation.
  • Convenient interface for uploading the local emission inventory and enabling automatic gridding for analysis and simulation.

Top industry-leading algorithms

  • Integrate state-of-the-art models such as SMOKE, WRF, CMAQ, CAMx, and in-house-developed technologies such as data assimilation, emission reduction strategy proposal with in-built evaluation of effectiveness, and simulation task workflow management.

Customized analysis

  • Diagnose air pollutant emission sources across time, space, industry and precursors according to users’ requirements and inform short-, medium- and long-term air quality management strategy.
  • Provide a user-friendly online interactive platform and assist in analysis (daily forecasting and heavy pollution analysis report) and emission reduction scenario simulation.

Scenarios assessmentt

  • Conduct different reduction scenario simulations for comparison, then deliver quantitative emission control plans and impact assessments.
  • Provide a customizable scenario simulation platform to support quick response to severe air pollution, compliance management and regional collaborative emission reduction

Core module

Industry applications

  • One city and one policy – Heavy air pollution early warning
  • Three lines and one list - Atmospheric environment capacity simulation
  • Three lines and one list – Environmental quality compliance planning
  • Cross-border emission reduction of PM2.5 and Ozone
  • Verification and analysis of local emission inventory
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