What is Cloud?

Cloud computing is the utilisation of on-demand computing resources over the internet, with charges based on usage.

ClusterTech offers private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud computing solutions to meet the different needs of enterprises.

Fengqi Asia enables enterprises to utilise cloud computing at anytime anywhere, while CCMP allows teams to manage their private virtual machines easily and efficiently.

Why use Cloud? What can Cloud help you?

There are many reasons why moving workloads to the cloud has recently become best practice. Some of the key benefits are:

Business Agility

  • Companies can scale easily to support changing workloads
  • Users can choose public, private, or hybrid cloud offerings depending on security and other considerations
  • Offloading administrative tasks allows companies to concentrate on product development and moving their business forward

Saving Costs

  • Zero capital cost to set up data centers or servers
  • Spend less on infrastructure maintenance, as this is the cloud provider's responsibility
  • Pay for only the resources used

Flexible Workflow

  • Users can be at work as long as there is an internet connection
  • Worldwide access means different members of the team can collaborate from different corners of the world

Why Choose ClusterTech?

ClusterTech is a well-known cloud solution provider, supporting the Asia Pacific region. A high standard of service has earned us important partnerships, respects and accolades over the years:

  • Winner of multiple awards for both our public cloud and private cloud offerings
  • Authorised reseller of global brands such as Joyent, and Verizon Digital Media Services
  • Select provider of public cloud, DNS and CDN services to the HKSAR government
  • Strategic Partner of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park
Featured Products
  • Fengqi Asia Banner
    Fengqi Asia

    Utilise cloud computing with minimal effort

  • Edgio CDN | DNS | Web Security | Streaming
    Edgio CDN | DNS | Web Security | Streaming

    Redefining Digital Experiences and Driving Value at Every Step

  • CCMP-EaaS

    The One-Stop, Out-of-the-Box HPC Cloud Platform

  • Fengqi Asia Web Development Service
    Fengqi Asia Web Development Service

    Build high-performance websites on the cloud

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