What is Fengqi Asia Web Development Service?

Fengqi Asia Web Development Service helps build custom websites or web applications in the cloud, allowing our clients to take advantage of the many benefits that come with such infrastructure.

We are experts in developing and hosting feature-rich applications in the cloud. Our in-house public cloud platform is well proven, achieving high performance and simplifying easy management. Your application will run seamlessly, and we can also re-platform and integrate existing applications with your preferred PaaS technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Our One-Stop Shop Approach

From initial planning to after-launch support, we work with our clients every step of the way and ensure the end product is what they expected.

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Our web development service is particularly useful for sites or web applications that demand high throughput, availability and scalability such as:

  • Event Registration
  • Product Landing Page
  • CMS
  • Questionnaire
  • Story Telling Mini Site



Scale up easily

Since we build your website in the cloud, you can easily scale capacity as your business grows.


Speed up time to market

With our highly skilled and experienced team, and a cloud-based development platform, we are all set to turn your ideas into reality.


Reduce cost

You can save costs associated with finding, hiring, training and retaining your own team of full-time application experts.


Have peace of mind

We work with transparency and offer 24/7 local support to address any concern you might have.

Why Fengqi Asia Web Development Service?

Our web development team has years of domain knowledge and hands-on experience that extends from web development and cloud infrastructure, to High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters and big data analytics application. This allows us to help clients build websites or web applications that demand high performance, high throughput, high scalability.

Ph.D. Domain Experts with 18 Years of Experience in Real-Life Application

Led by domain experts with Ph.D.s, our technical personnel not only excels in academic research, but also boasts an average of 18 years of hands-on experience in real-life applications. Our multidisciplinary staff allows us to tackle complex problems.

Expertise in HPC and Cloud

Our team of world-class HPC experts have enabled companies, research institutions, and government departments to solve some of the world’s most challenging scientific and engineering problems. Our expertise in HPC ensures that we can build websites or web applications that demand high performance, high throughput, high scalability.

Vendor Neutral

Being vendor neutral allows us to choose the most appropriate vendors for your needs. In addition to our in-house cloud platform, we have the knowledge and skills required to integrate applications with other solutions including Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure for cloud compute, as well as Verizon Digital Media Services and Akamai for CDNs etc.

24×7 Local Support

We offer professional support across major cities in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Our result-driven support team proactively screens for errors and takes measures to resolve them.

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