Why you need Big Data infrastructure?

With the development of digital services and the internet, the volume of data has been increasing at unprecedented rates. SINTEF, the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, stated in 2013 that 90% of world’s data was generated over last two years*.

In order to handle and store these huge amounts of data, enterprises have to consider multiple factors before adopting Big Data infrastructure. These include operations, security and strategy. Moreover, enterprises also need to integrate computing resources and other technologies to construct a suitable Big Data infrastructure. 

*For more details, please refer to Big Data, for better or worse: 90% of world's data generated over last two years

Why is Big Data important to you?

Expand enterprise database

Using data collection infrastructure such as sensors and applications allows enterprises to capturing both internal (e.g. sales records and customer database) and external data (e.g. social media data and news) from different data sources.

Facilitate real-time decision making

Big Data analytics is needed to process the huge amount of structured and unstructured data available, and generate useful reports to support real-time decision-making.

Increase operation efficiency

Storing data in a cloud-based storage system provides easy access for staff to utilise data in daily operations.

Discover new business opportunities

Leveraging the power of data visualisation to generate simple and easy-to-read graphics allows enterprises to have a clear understanding of the market, customer and competitors, and to discover new insights

Why you should choose ClusterTech?

A Professional IT Solution and Consulting Service company

ClusterTech has over 18 years of experience and more than 190 professional staff. Most have advanced degrees in science & engineering. We are trusted and recognised by our multitude of clients in the APAC region.

In 2016, we received the Hong Kong ICT Awards: Best Smart Hong Kong (Big Data Application) – Silver, and the Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Technological Achievement – Certificate of Merit for our latest technology, PRISMA.

PRISMA, an award-winning technology built on the top of Apache Solr, is an AI reading robot that assists Big Data infrastructure by enabling multilingual searches on unstructured text. It is easily integrated with industry standard Big Data infrastructure.

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