ClusterTech’s CEO Interviewed By RTHK

Dr. Wai Mo Suen, Founder and CEO of ClusterTech, was interviewed by RTHK, sharing his point of view on the development of Hong Kong’s technology companies in the Greater Bay Area.

ClusterTech Announced Partnership With DapuStor

ClusterTech Limited, a leading provider of advanced computing technologies, announced a strategic partnership with DapuStor, a leading provider of data-center NVMe SSD storage solutions.

ClusterTech Exhibited At Various Exhibitions

ClusterTech participated in the InnoEX, SmartHK, Business GOVirtual Conference, Hong Kong FinTech Week, HKSTP OPENHOUSE, Tech + SME Sourcing Fair 2023, as well as Marintec China 2023, and more. ClusterTech showcased the latest artificial intelligence, machine learning application services, data analysis solutions, high-performance solutions, and meteorological technology.

ClusterTech Spoke At Several Events

ClusterTech has been invited to speak at prestigious conferences, forums, and seminars. These include the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) workshop, IET Hong Kong Management Symposium, HKCSS Convention cum Hong Kong Social Service Expo 2023, and the Zhejiang Province Educational Technology Industry Technical Seminar, among others. The company has shared its technological expertise and success stories in the application of artificial intelligence, high-performance computing and meteorological technology.

ClusterTech Received Good MPF Employer Award 2022-23

ClusterTech is honoured to be awarded "Good MPF Employer Award" and "e-Contribution Award" by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) to recognise its contribution to implementing MPF scheme and ensuring its employees' retirement benefit again.


ClusterTech Spoke At Several Events

ClusterTech was invited to share its experience in AI and HPC at several conferences and forums, including webinars with Seagate, Synfuels China Technology Co.,Ltd, Dell Technologies Group and Intel Corporation, the 2022 Annual Nuclear Energy Informatisation Conference as well as SPRINTER 2 Orientation.

ClusterTech Joined OpenAnolis

ClusterTech has joined OpenAnolis, an open-source community for operating systems, by signing the CLA (Contribution License Agreement). OpenAnolis aims to create an open, neutral, and innovative platform for Linux upstream distribution.

ClusterTech Received the Alibaba Cloud Public Cloud E-HPC Product Integration Certification

The integration and validation testing of the CHESS High-Performance Computing Management Platform with the "Alibaba Cloud Elastic High-Performance Computing (E-HPC)" solution has resulted in the certification, acknowledging the successful integration of the two solutions within the Alibaba Cloud product ecosystem.

ClusterTech Attended A Global Conference On “Youth Crime Prevention: A Roadmap For The Future” As A Donor

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (hereafter HKFYG) - Youth Crime Prevention Centre (hereafter YCPC) held a conference on “Youth Crime Prevention: A Roadmap for the Future” on 17 November 2022. The conference facilitated multi-disciplinary discussions between international and local experts and practitioners to provide effective and forward-looking strategies for youth crime. ClusterTech Limited attended the conference as a Donor.

ClusterTech Advocated For Gender Equality In STEM

ClusterTech has been an advocate for gender equality in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through the years. With the aim of encouraging more outstanding female students in STEM, ClusterTech continues to sponsor “The ClusterTech Prize” in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of Sydney.

ClusterTech Exhibited At Various Exhibitions

ClusterTech participated in the LOGTECH Expo, Asian Logistics, Maritime and Aviation Conference (ALMAC), I & T Solution Expo, Hong Kong FinTech Week, HKTDC International ICT Expo, and International Property Management and Procurement Expo 2022, and more. ClusterTech showcased the latest artificial intelligence, machine learning application services, data analysis solutions, high-performance solutions, and meteorological technology.


ClusterTech Joined Forces With Dell To Launch Enterprise HPC/ AI Solution

ClusterTech has officially become Dell’s enterprise infrastructure solution partners and jointly launched an enterprise HPC/ AI solution to empower new infrastructure with new information technology and help clients from all industries in digital transformation.

ClusterTech Became AMD ISV’s Partner

ClusterTech was invited to join the AMD Ecological Alliance and became AMD ISV’s partner. ClusterTech and AMD ISV build high performance computing software and hardware integrated solutions, and provide industry-leading high-performance, scalable, and low-cost products and services together.

ClusterTech And HKFYG Jointly Won The Certificate of Merit in Hong Kong ICT Awards 2021: Smart People Award (Smart Inclusion)

ClusterTech works with HKFYG and applied our award-winning AI text mining technology, PRISMA, to analyse drug-related posts and comments on social media platforms. The result is satisfying, which ensures us that we should participate in the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2021. The project was highly appreciated by the judging panels who are the experts from the industry and we won the certificate of merit in the category of Smart People Award (Smart Inclusion) at last.

CTS Limited, The Branch Company Of ClusterTech, Won Three Awards At The Huawei Ecological Conference

Huawei China Ecological Conference 2021 brought together thousands of Huawei ecological partners to participate in the grand event. With its independent and controllable core technical capabilities and in-depth cooperation with Huawei, CTS Limited stimulates innovation vitality and achieves rapid performance. Therefore, CTS Limited was awarded the "Excellent Outstanding Contribution Award for Education Industry", "Excellent Cultivation Award" and "Excellent Collaborative Individual Award".

The "High Performance Computing Cloud White Paper" Co-edited By ClusterTech Was Officially Released

Tian Hui, Director of the Internet Center of the Institute of Technology and Standards of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (hereinafter referred to as "CAICT"), represented the Supercomputing Innovation Alliance High Performance Computing Cloud Working Group at the 2020-2021 annual plenary meeting of the Supercomputing Innovation Alliance to do the 2021 annual work Group work report. As an important achievement of the working group in 2021, the "High Performance Computing Cloud White Paper" was officially released. As a pioneer of high-performance computing, ClusterTech actively participated in the compilation of the "High-performance Computing Cloud White Paper" and was one of the important members of the compilation team. ” With rich experience in the field of HPC Cloud, we participated in the compilation of relevant chapters such as "High Performance Computing Operation and Maintenance Management Platform", "High Performance Computing Cloud Multi-Cloud Management", and "Industrial Manufacturing Cases".

ClusterTech Spoke At Several Events

ClusterTech was invited to share its experience in AI & Analytics and HPC at several conferences and forums, including 2021 Military Industry Digital Transformation Forum, webinar on “Research and Technical Computing on AWS”, National High Performance Computing Conference and IS-Dream Series: Data Science Webinar hosted by Hong Kong University.


ClusterTech Received Good MPF Employer Award 2019-20

ClusterTech was honoured to be awarded "Good MPF Employer Award", "e-Contribution Award" and "MPF Support Award" by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) to recognise its contribution to implementing MPF scheme and ensuring its employees' retirement benefit.

ClusterTech Had Enabled Synfuels China To Make New Technological Breakthroughs In China's Coal-To-Oil Industry

ClusterTech and Dell jointly held the seminar of Synfuels China. Nearly 100 customers were invited to participate, and the latest products and technologies were displayed and exchanged in the activity.

ClusterTech Announced Partnership With Pure Storage

ClusterTech had signed an official partner agreement with Pure Storage, integrating its storage solution with our high performance computing (HPC) solution offerings for new and existing customers.

ClusterTech’s CEO Interviewed By Hong Kong Perspectives & The Odyssey Of Dragon

Following the recognition of InnoStars Award 2019, Dr. Wai Mo Suen, Founder and CEO of ClusterTech, was interviewed by Hong Kong Perspectives & The Odyssey Of Dragon, sharing his achievement in developing advanced computing technologies and his point of view on developing high performance computing and big data infrastructure.

ClusterTech’s CEO Recognised At The IFTA FinTech Achievement Award 2019

Dr. Wai Mo Suen, Founder and CEO of ClusterTech, was awarded the Prestige Award - Iconic Star on IFTA FinTech Achievement Award 2019 by the Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia (IFTA), recognising his contributions to bringing significant impacts to the FinTech environment.

ClusterTech Co-Hosted A Live Webinar With Pure Storage And NVIDIA

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has drastically transformed the world by empowering changes in many industries. In order to help organisations understand more and leverage AI to thrive in turbulent times during COVID-19 pandemic, ClusterTech co-hosted a live webinar with Pure Storage and NVIDIA.

ClusterTech Participated In The 16th China Digital Simulation Annual Conference

The 16th CAE Annual Conference of Engineering Analysis Technology in China was held in Zhejiang province, attended by over 500 industry elites. ClusterTech demonstrated the integrated solution of HPC & remote simulation design and WiseCloud design/simulation machine, and shared the innovative practice of ClusterTech in assisting in the transformation of modern manufacturing enterprises.

ClusterTech Cooperated With The Hong Kong Federation Of Youth Groups - Youth Crime Prevention Centre

ClusterTech was honored to be selected to work with The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (hereafter HKFYG) - Youth Crime Prevention Centre on the PROJECT RADAR II which applied our award-winning AI text mining technology, PRISMA, to analyse the drug-related posts and comments on social media platforms.

ClusterTech HPC Environment Software Stack Exhibited At 2020 World Computer Congress

ClusterTech HPC Environment Software Stack (CHESS) was selected and showcased its latest application at 2020 World Computer Congress which was held in Changsha.


ClusterTech And Aliyun Jointly Built Hybrid Cloud Platform

The Aliyun Education Partner Licensing and Product Launch Event was held in Beijing. At the conference, ClusterTech and Aliyun jointly announced the Research Hybrid Cloud Platform for intelligent scientific research and education.

ClusterTech Parallel Environment Received IFTA Fintech Achievement Award 2018

ClusterTech won the Silver Award in the Investor Tech Category for its cluster software suite, ClusterTech Parallel Environment (CPE).

ClusterTech Announced Partnership With E8 Storage

ClusterTech had signed a Channel Partner agreement with E8 Storage, adding the partner’s shared non-volatile memory (NVMe) storage solutions to our extensive portfolio of products and services.

ClusterTech And HUAWEI Cloud Jointly Released HPC Hybrid Cloud Solution

HUAWEI China Eco-partner Conference officially opened in Fuzhou Strait International Exhibition Center. Together with its partner, HUAWEI Cloud, ClusterTech jointly launched the High Performance Computing (HPC) hybrid cloud solution.

ClusterTech Exhibited At Zhejiang Province Wisdom Education Equipment Exhibition 2019

As an authorized informative educational product, ClusterTech showcased its latest AR intelligent education product - AR Classroom in the Zhejiang Province Wisdom Education Equipment Exhibition 2019 which attracted great interest.

ClusterTech Unveiled CPAS At The Meteorological Technology World Expo 2019

ClusterTech unveiled its breakthrough ClusterTech Platform for Atmospheric Simulation (CPAS) numerical modelling solution at the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2019.

ClusterTech Spoke At The 2019 Joint WRF/MPAS Users' Workshop

Hosted by the US National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), the 2019 Joint WRF/MPAS Users’ Workshop was held in Boulder, Colorado. ClusterTech was honored by being selected to speak at the workshop with our innovative development on MPAS-A.

ClusterTech Achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certificate For Information Security Management System

British Standards Institution certified that ClusterTech Limited holds the certificate and operates an Information Security Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for the scope of provision of operation support of hosting services in Hong Kong.

ClusterTech And HUAWEI Jointly Exhibited At CCF HPC China 2019

As a strategic partner with HUAWEI, ClusterTech was invited to showcase the High Performance Computing solution in Science and Technology Research Institute and Meteorological Organisation at CCF HPC China 2019.

ClusterTech Won The Bid For "The Supply and Procurement Projects of Software Agreement 2019 for central state organs"

The successful bidding was affirmation of the independent research and development capabilities and technical innovation capabilities of ClusterTech.

ClusterTech Spoke At The Third China-Mongolia Expo

Dr. Wai Mo Suen, CEO of ClusterTech, was invited to give a keynote speech to a crowd of 6,000 at the Third China - Mongolia Expo in Inner Mongolia.

ClusterTech Shared Latest AI & ML Solutions At Google Cloud Summit '19

Following its previous success, ClusterTech was invited to share its expertise on texting mining and analytics at Google Cloud Summit '19 for the second consecutive year.

ClusterTech Announced Partnership With GigaSpaces

ClusterTech signed an official partner agreement with GigaSpaces, opening the gateway to integrate high performance computing (HPC) and real-time analytics processing for new and existing customers.

ClusterTech Participated In IBM Cloud Forum: Winning With Cloud For Digital Transformation

As a pioneer in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, ClusterTech was invited to showcase its latest applications at IBM Cloud Forum.

ClusterTech’s CEO Recognised At The InnoStars Award 2019

Dr. Wai mo Suen, Founder and CEO of ClusterTech, was awarded at this year’s InnoStars Award by Our Hong Kong Foundation (OHKF), recognising his contributions to encouraging innovation, promoting entrepreneurship, and fostering the city’s development towards economic diversification.

ClusterTech's CHESS Hybrid Cloud Platform Achieved HUAWEI Technology Certification - Huawei Compatible

ClusterTech interoperated with TaiShan 200 of HUAWEI Technologies Co., LTD. to conduct the test of CHESS Platform based on the hybrid architecture of Taishan server and x86 server. CHESS Hybrid Cloud Platform passed all the test and was recognized as "Huawei Compatible".

ClusterTech Exhibited At Various Exhibitions

ClusterTech exhibited to display our latest Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics solutions, or HPC solutions at Hong Kong FinTech Week 2019, Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong 2019, Innovation And Technology Trade Show 2019 S/S, AI+U Explore & Experience Exhibition, 2019 Intel HPC/ AI Convergence Workshop, Hotels Solution Day, and The 9th Military Manufacturing Digital Technology Exchange Conference.

ClusterTech Spoke At Several Events

ClusterTech was invited to share its experience in AI & Analytics and HPC at several conferences and forums, including IET HK Technical Seminar, 2019 Global High-End Manufacturing Summit (GHMS), HKIE Environmental Division Annual Forum, Military Manufacturing Digital Technology Exchange Conference, the latest edition of Industry Connect, and NextWork Academy.


ClusterTech became Google Cloud Services Partner

ClusterTech became a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certified partner and provided GCP services to customers, including sales, consulting, training, implementation, and technical support for Google Cloud products. We had validated expertise and experience in deep learning technology.

ClusterTech made strong presence for Google Cloud Platform in Hong Kong

As a Google Cloud Services Partner (GCP) in Hong Kong, ClusterTech was invited to two signature events, namely Google Cloud Summit ‘18 and Google Cloud OnBoard. There they showcased their Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) application services with GCP.

ClusterTech received Family-Friendly Employers’ Award

ClusterTech was commended as a Family-Friendly Employer by the Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau and the Family Council for upholding people-oriented and pro-family employment policies and practices.

ClusterTech unveiled latest smart learning innovation: AR Classroom at the 1st Academic Forum on Smart Education

A launch event, held in Dunhuang, China, attracted more than 800 educators from the country to experience AR Classroom, a “Textbook+AR” software that applied Augmented Reality (AR) to turn textbook content into 3D models, greatly increasing engagement.

ClusterTech demonstrated E-HPC platform at NVIDIA GTC China 2018

ClusterTech participated in the NVIDIA GPC Technology Conference (GTC) CHINA 2018, a world-famous event in AI and deep learning. It demonstrated its innovative E-HPC, a high-performance computing management platform with hybrid cloud functions jointly developed by ClusterTech, Alibaba Cloud and Huawei Cloud.

ClusterTech showcased its AQ forecasting technology at IE Expo Shanghai 2018

ClusterTech was invited by Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to showcase its latest AQ forecasting technology. AQ can provide high resolution weather and air quality prediction, and was being used by many meteorological and environmental protection departments, research institutes and universities in mainland China.

ClusterTech spoke at CITF 2018 on the role of HPC in China’s defence industry

ClusterTech shared its experience in applying High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions to sophisticated computational problems for the aviation and defence industries in Guizhou, China.


PRISMA hailed by China Robotics Industry as the “Most Influential AI Text Processing Application”

PRISMA, ClusterTech’s leading-edge AI text processing technology, received its 3rd award at the 2017 China Robotics Industry Development Summit. At the same event, ClusterTech’s CEO Dr Suen inaugurated the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao alliance for the robotics industry, along with nine other corporations.

ClusterTech’s CEO presented with the Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award

The award recognised Dr Suen’s achievement in developing leading computing technologies, nurturing talent in the technology industry, fostering innovative entrepreneurship spirit, and improving society through technology.

Clustertech joined forces with Aliyun to launch China’s 1st E-HPC

ClusterTech and Aliyun launched the country’s first Elastic High Performance Computing (E-HPC) platform at Alibaba’s Computing Conference, a major worldwide cloud computing event. The partnership allowed ClusterTech to deliver better HPC services across a broad range of industries.

ClusterTech became Fujitsu’s SELECT Expert Partner

As Asia’s first HPC provider, ClusterTech has had years of experience in building clusters. ClusterTech signed a Channel Partner agreement with Fujitsu for joining the Fujitsu’s SELECT Partner Program to provide Fujitsu products and services to customers in Hong Kong and Macau.

Clustertech’s CEO invited to the 5th Global Economic Leaders’ Summit (GELS) as keynote speaker

Dr. Suen was invited to join a host of global leaders to GELS, an international cooperation summit that aimed to integrate international economic resources and strengthen international economic cooperation. He delivered a keynote speech on how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications can facilitate the Belt & Road Initiative.


PRISMA gained industry recognition

PRISMA, our leading-edge Text-Mining technology was recognised through a Silver Award at the 2016 Hong Kong ICT Awards (Best Smart Hong Kong Award - Big Data Application), and the 2016 Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit from the Hong Kong Awards for Industries.

ClusterTech was invited to present in various events

ClusterTech shared their experience in Analytics in Business at the APAC Innovation Summit, Asia Retail Innovation Summit, Internet of Things (IoT) Conference, ITSC Solutions Day 2016 by OGCIO and IBM’s Insight Week 2016.

Successful partnership with VDMS from Verizon

ClusterTech established a partnership with Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) to offer premium cloud digital media solutions, a content delivery network (CDN) with outstanding performance, and provide the best local support for companies in Asia.

Cloud reached another peak

After 6 years of service, ClusterTech was voted as the Best Cloud Computing Partner 2016 by GS1, confirming its achievements in bringing business value to enterprises in Greater China.


ClusterTech Image Processor debuted at CeBIT 2015

ClusterTech Image Processor (CIP) is a hardware accelerator for ImageMagick. It utilises a high-performance Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) to deliver an order of magnitude improvement in performance over a processor with one-fifth the power consumption.

ClusterTech delivered keynote speech at Hong Kong Internet of Things (IoT) Conference 2015

ClusterTech was invited to join the panel discussion as well as deliver a keynote speech – “Deep Diving in Retail Big Data to Excel Business Performance” – which introduced how big data analysis could help a retail organisation derive business values and react quickly to the changes in trends & consumer behaviors.

ClusterTech exhibited at the 3rd China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair 2015 (CSITF)

ClusterTech was again selected as one of the top Hong Kong technology companies by Hong Kong Software Industry Association (HKSiA) to exhibit at a prestigious technology fair in Mainland China.

Built a complete public cloud platform

ClusterTech continued to build on Fengqi Asia by adding new services such as CDN, object storage and load balancer to the public cloud platform.


ClusterTech exhibited at “China’s No.1 Hi-Tech Fair”

ClusterTech was invited by the Hong Kong Software Industry Association (HKSiA) to showcase its technological achievements at the China Hi-Tech Fair 2014 (CHTF).

ClusterTech launched mobile app Airhuxi

Airhuxi is the first mobile app in China providing PM2.5 air quality index (AQI) forecast for up to three days. It has the ability to give different groups of users customized tips on health and physical activities.

ClusterTech launched BI product – ConsoAdvisor

ConsoAdvisor made inventory consolidation easy and more accurate. Through scientific analysis of sales records, ConsoAdvisor is able to provide customized recommendations on stock transfer between multiple retail stores as well as between warehouses and stores. The web interface was designed with the user in mind, allowing them to easily monitor stock status, adjust parameters and generate reports.

High performance computing & cloud computing product upgraded

ClusterTech parallel environment CPE v3.5.1, and CHESS Reporting v4.1.0 was released. ClusterTech’s in-house private cloud system, namely ClusterTech Cloud Management Platform (CCMP), which integrated high performance computing and cloud computing, was also upgraded to a very high standard.

2nd Fengqi Asia App Development Competition held at Wuhan University

The competition provided a platform for university students across Hong Kong and Mainland China to gain hands-on experience on developing applications using the Fengqi Asia public cloud platform.


ClusterTech launched FPGA high-performance solutions, high-performance Computing Parallel File System (CPFS) and Air Quality Prediction and Analysis System

Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) extended ClusterTech’s capabilities in the field of high-performance computing, increasing speed while reducing energy consumption. CPFS solved I/O bottlenecks, while CAQPAS applied high-performance computing to the environmental monitoring and protection industry.

Fengqi Asia Shanghai Data Center launched

As the business needs of Fengqi Asia public cloud expanded, Clustertech’s data centers in Great China region increased to 3 in Hong Kong, 1 in Beijing and 1 in Shanghai.

High-performance computing, cloud computing, financial engineering product upgraded

ClusterTech parallel environment CPE v3.3, private cloud management platform CCMP v2.1, ClusterTech high-performance computing and management platform CHESS v4.0, and Hadoop big data solution targeted for university private cloud was released.

ClusterTech won Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit

ClusterTech won this award again for the “Fengqi Asia Public Cloud”.


ClusterTech developed new generation of HPC application technology

Officially launched cluster management software CHESS v3.0, cloud computing platform CCMP, seismic data process GPU computing in oil and gas industry.

Opened-up of representative offices in Wuhan

Assisted business deployment in Central China.

ClusterTech was announced government IT services provider

ClusterTech became one of the government public cloud services (GPCS) providers and the Active Suppliers.

ClusterTech became an authorised reseller of IBM Platform Computing

Provided products and technical support in high-performance computing, cloud computing, and big data applications.

ClusterTech received the following awards

“Excellence Award on Operation and Management of 2012 China Cloud Computing Data Center” and “the IT Leading Enterprise Award of Hong Kong, Macau and Shengzhen”. Our product CCMP (ClusterTech Computing Management Platform) received the “Innovative Product Award of 2012 China Cloud Computing Data Center” award.

Cluster Technology Ltd. (Beijing Branch) received High-tech Enterprises Certificate

Beijing branch of Cluster Technology Co. Ltd received the Chinese High-tech Enterprise Certification jointly issued by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Ministry of Finance, Beijing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation, and Beijing Local Taxation Bureau.


ClusterTech Parallelized Predictor (CPP),ClusterTech Stock Consolidation (CSC),ClusterTech Telemarketing Optimizer (CTM) launched

ClusterTech started business intelligence (BI) activities with advanced computing technology.

ClusterTech launched offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou

ClusterTech localised its services in Chinese Mainland to facilitate the technical support for Chinese enterprises.


Introduced world-class computing technology actively

Included ScaleMP, Panasas, and Joyent.


Cluster management software CHESS v2.0 was awarded two prizes

“Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Technological Achievement Certificate of Merit” and “Excellent Software Product in China for 2009”. CHESS was praised for its advanced technology application and high performance.


ClusterTech developed leading cloud computing technology

Became the sole distributor and technology partner of GigaSpaces in China.


ClusterTech Grid Environment (CGE) and ClusterTech Automatic Cleansing Solution (ACE) were officially on the market

Provided highly cost-effective solutions to companies with larger customer databases.


ClusterTech gained overseas business in Singapore, UK, North America, etc.

Provided solutions to financial clients with high performance computing and artificial intelligence technologies.

ClusterTech established hedge fund

Provided advanced computing technologies to clients for financial investment computing.


Establishment and operation of ClusterTech Beijing Limited

Founded Beijing team to assist the HPC business deployment.


Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission subsidised ClusterTech CHESS cluster management software

Confirmed the superiority of ClusterTech technology and software.


Successfully launched business in the Chinese Mainland.

HPC cluster professional service project at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


First international client – HSBC financial software project

ClusterTech’s intelligent data mining technology was applied to the financial engineering field.


ClusterTech received a Hong Kong government grant, and developed the ClusterTech Parallel Environment (CPE)

CPE pushed the frontiers in application of high performance computing field in finance.


Cluster Technology Ltd (ClusterTech) established

Setup Center for Large-Scale Computation (CLC) with The Chinese University of Hong Kong.