Our Service Scope:

  • Data Strategy Consulting
  • AI/ML Solution Development Services (on-cloud/on-premises)

Our full-cycle services cover every step of your AI journey

Some of our AI/ML Projects

We have been helping organisations solve business problems since 2000. We offer solutions tailored for their needs, using AI technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), image recognition, and predictive analytics.

AI Document Digitalisation

Digitalise documents and facilitate information flow by making data searchable by context; provide recommendations based on historical data via ML technology

Affiliation Network Visualisation

Uncover the hidden relationships between listed companies, using neural network-based AI software, to find frauds in business dealings

Real Time Object Recognition

Identify key attributes of an object by image and instantly retrieve relevant information from the web or other pre-set databases



Intelligent Customer Profiling with Personalised Marketing Recommendation

Track trends and anomalies; build customer profiles, via social media sentiment analysis, for personalised upsell, cross-sell or other marketing opportunities

Operational Flow Automation

Using NLP, our RPA solution can understand text, able to locate key information across different documents; it can then effectively handle repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus on higher value-added activities

Inventory Optimisation & Automation

Optimise inventory stocking levels and reduce out of stock (OOS) frequency to maximise sales through inventory transfer automation, by predicting SKU turnovers at of different stores

Why Choose Us?

Our local technical team comprises of experts with mastery of deep learning libraries such as TensorFlow, and data scientists from prestigious universities such as Stanford and UC Berkeley. We have 19 years of experience in solving sophisticated computational problems for enterprises of different industries, by building superior algorithms that combine practical insights from past experience, repetitive patterns from data studying, and clients’ knowledge from in-depth consulting.


The ClusterTech differences:


Our Clients

Over the years, we have provided data consulting services and AI/ML solutions to distinguished clients in many industries, including education & research, banking & finance, telecommunications, retail and the public sector.

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