ClusterTech as Trusted Google Cloud Partner 

ClusterTech are experts in solving computational problems for enterprises. We offer customised solutions based on HPC, AI & Analytics, Cloud and Big Data Infrastructure. As a trusted partner of Google Cloud, we have proven technical mastery in deep learning using libraries such as TensorFlow, and experience with a wide range of industries, workloads and applications domains.


Why ClusterTech?

Our local technical team comprises of experts with mastery of deep learning libraries such as TensorFlow, and data scientists from prestigious universities such as Stanford and UC Berkeley. We have 18 years of experience in solving sophisticated computational problems for enterprises of different industries, by building superior algorithms that combine practical insights from past experience, repetitive patterns from data studying, and clients’ knowledge from in-depth consulting.


The ClusterTech differences:


Our Google Cloud Services

AI, ML & Big Data Applications

Revolutionise data analysis and obtain actionable insights quickly through innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) solutions built on Google's hyperscale infrastructure.

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Cloud Migration

Move your workloads to the cloud to be more agile and flexible. Gain a competitive advantage by improving uptime and reliability in the process.

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End-To-End Managed Services

Save money and free yourself from the complexity of infrastructure management. Our team of cloud experts will help manage your cloud assets with ongoing support.

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Google Cloud Consulting Services

Let your team work alongside our professional Google Cloud consultants to learn best practices and guiding principles for a successful implementation.

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Use Cases

Many companies across a range of industries have leveraged Google Cloud to innovate faster and better. With the platform’s hyperscale network and ever-expanding suite of cloud assets for compute, storage and data analytics, the possibilities are endless.


Increase audience engagement

A media group uses Google Cloud to automate content classification across its media properties, and hence provide highly relevant content recommendations to its readers. Google APIs also allow its editors to observe sentiment on social media, better understand news trends and develop more engaging content.


Enable target marketing

A travel search company utilises Google Cloud to run cohort analysis to better understand their customers. By integrating BigQuery with Google Analytics 360, analysts can simply write queries against BigQuery and gain deeper insight faster, e.g. which channel is most effective at which part of the customer journey.

Mobile Advertising

Optimise in-game advertising

A mobile advertising network provider uses Google Cloud to deliver in-game advertising that does not intrude the gamers. Google Cloud Platform ensures fast response times for ad placement even amid demand peaks, while Cloud Vision API is used to classify images and filter out undesirable ones.




Forecast demand

An apparel manufacturer successfully turned into an online retailer with the help of Google Cloud. Leveraging AI & ML, the manufacturer is able to merge product visuals with sales data for in-depth analysis, predicting future demand for certain designs, and thereby optimise inventory and maximise revenue.


Increase workplace safety

A utilities company uses Google Cloud to enable accurate identification of chemical products via a smartphone app. Leveraging Cloud Machine Learning Engine, the app can recognise a chemical product via its packaging or the shape of its container, and thereby provide the correct safety instructions for onsite workers.

Real Estate

Streamline property transfers

A property developer leverages a mobile app with Google APIs to streamline condominium inspections and property transfers. Cloud Vision is used to capture defects of items, while Speech-to-Text recognises and records reports from inspectors. This greatly enhances the experience of all parties involved.

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