Why should you choose PRISMA Crisis Intelligence?

Safeguard Your Brand with Intelligent Alerts

PRISMA Crisis Intelligence is an innovative PR crisis management tool specially designed for brands in Hong Kong. It monitors context-based conversations on social media, and gives alerts with an industry-leading latency of 15 minutes.

The system goes beyond the number of “likes” and “shares” to discover sentiments hidden within “users’ comments”. Utilising PRISMA’s award-winning text processing technology, it is customised for Hong Kong’s complex language setting, where Chinese and English are mixed in conversations and used in a unique way.


Key Benefits

  • Improve crisis management decision making
  • Keep your brand reputation intact
  • Know what your users think
  • Increase user satisfaction


Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Constantly tracks critical events on all channels and extracts insights from different dimensions, to help you with decision making.


  • Measures how the public reacts to the latest events through running in-depth analysis of users’ comments.

Media Exposure

  • Tracks which media outlets have reported your latest event, and where crises might occur.


  • Benchmarks against competitors to understand what they are doing. Identify areas to improve for your brand, and stay ahead of the competition.

New Word Discovery

  • Monitors conversations about your interested industries to discover new trending words in the market.

Intelligent Alert System

Alerts brand owners via email once a threat has been identified, allowing them to react immediately.

Real-Time Notifications

  • Alerts brand owners with email notifications with 15 minute latency, enabling them to be addressed before they escalate into crises.

Customisable Rulesets

  • Caters to the needs of each individual brand by allowing setting of crisis alert rulesets, based on different metrics such as keywords and sentiment levels.

Extensive Data Collection

Automatically collects data about your brand, and other pages of your choice, including competitors, media and KOLs, at an industry-leading time interval of 15 minutes.

Key Channels and Accounts

  • Crawls data from major Facebook fan pages, Weibo accounts, online forums and media outlets. Data related to your brand, your key competitors, and any other selected pages will be consolidated.

Trilingual Text

  • Collects and analyses data written in a mix of English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Easy Reporting

Presents data in a visual format which is easy to understand. This helps brand owners make timely and informed decisions in the face of potential crises.

Routine Report

  • Delivers regular reports automatically.

Benchmark Dashboard

  • Lets you understand how your brand fares against your competitors.

Word Cloud

  • Conveys crucial information quickly and easily.

Customisable Report

  • Generate reports based on your specific needs.
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