PRISMA -- The text analysis engine that understands *trilingual texts for real
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PRISMA -- The text analysis engine that understands *trilingual texts for real

PRISMA is a text analysis engine which utilises the Artificial Intelligence technology for text processing, revolutionises text processing and cost-effectively solves the problems of handling and managing huge amount of unstructured text. As an award-winning technology with continuous innovation and improvement, PRISMA has been applied to transportation systems, financial enterprises and government sectors successfully.

Main functions:

  • Self-serve model training feature
  • Build a relevant taxonomy based on industrial features
  • Support conceptual intelligent search
  • Classify key content to proper categories with a high accuracy
  • Detect sentiments objectively with a high accuracy
  • Understand structured and unstructured text data

*The natural language processing (NLP) technology is unique. It is capable of processing trilingual texts (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English) simultaneously, and is tailor-made for the multi-cultural Hong Kong market.

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