What is Verizon Media?

Verizon Media is the industry’s only end-to-end solution that can prepare, deliver and enable the monetisation of your online content. The digital media platform allows you to scale your reach with high-quality experiences to every viewer, on every device, everywhere in the world – faster, more efficiently than ever before.

Why choose Verizon Media from ClusterTech?

ClusterTech is a value-added reseller of Verizon Media. Our in-house public cloud platform, Fengqi Asia, offers a wide range of cloud computing services, including Verizon Media’s Domain Name Service (DNS), Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Web Application Firewall (WAF), to empower companies in Asia to leverage the global brands of top-notch technologies, with the best of local support at the most competitive price.


  Verizon’s Powerful Backbone

Verizon’s global network is built on a blazing fast backbone that offers up to 55Tbps with over 80,000 network routes miles, reaching customers in more than 2,700 cities and 150 countries.

  Better Self-Enablement

We offer a service delivery model that bolsters agility, autonomy and visibility. Our CDN, for example, is one of the few that support web-based self-service control panels or APIs to give you the control you need.

  24 x 7 Support

With offices strategically located in the major cities of China and Hong Kong, we are able to offer dedicated local support in the Greater China region.

Product Profiles

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN), powered by the world’s largest telecommunications company, Verizon, consistently outperform others in terms of speed reliability, and flexibility.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

With application layer attacks growing in both volume and complexity, we help protect your applications and user data with a multi-layer defence system that features an enterprise WAF.

Domain Name Services (DNS)

Fast, globally distributed, and rich in features, our DNS offers the best price-to-performance ratio of any provider.


Through the encoding, live event, and session management technology – Smartplay, Verizon Media Platform streamlines your OTT streaming workflow and delivers a high-quality streaming experience which supports up to 4K HDR via SDI.

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