What is PRISMA?

Automated reading in the big data era

PRISMA (AI Reading Robot) is an artificial intelligence and award-winning[1] text processing technology customised for Hong Kong languages. It consists of 3 core technologies including Search Engine, Text Mining, and (Trilingual) Natural Language Processing (NLP)[2]. These enable it to understand and categorise structured and unstructured text data including slang, idioms and buzzwords.

[1] Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016: Best Smart Hong Kong (Big Data Application) – Silver
[2] The natural language processing (NLP) technology in PRISMA is unique. It is capable of processing trilingual texts (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English) simultaneously, and is tailor-made for the multi-cultural Hong Kong market.

What PRISMA can do for your business?

  • Achieve real time performance
  • Make timely strategic decisions
  • Improve user experience
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Reduce labour costs


  • Build relevant taxonomy
  • Process and understand text data quickly
  • Detect and correct typos
  • Categorise content accurately
  • Detect sentiments objectively
  • Tuneable for future updates

Applications of PRISMA

Customer Feedback Processor

PRISMA, while screening customer feedback, uncovers the correlations between text data and enterprise objectives by extracting and categorising key information. It allows enterprises to gain a clearer and more comprehensive insight into customer behaviour and their needs.

File and Knowledge Manager

PRISMA quickly and objectively detects and classifies documents into categories by keyword. It allows enterprises to perform knowledge management by systematically centralising documents and building archives.


PRISMA Powered Solutions

PRISMA Customer Opinion Mining

A text processing solution that categorises and detects content in customer feedback enables enterprises to obtain valuable insights and make business strategies to improve the customer experience.

PRISMA Knowledge Management

PRISMA Knowledge Management is a text data processing solution to help enterprise centralise documents and allow staff to search relevant information by keywords.

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